Best of University Presses 2002

To help launch the twelfth edition of University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries, a special program entitled “The Best of the Best of the University Presses: Books You Should Know About” will be presented at the summer meeting of the American Library Association on June 15 in Atlanta, GA. At the session, 35 books published in 2001 will be presented by eight librarians to represent the titles featured in this annual collection development bibliography produced by the Association of American University Presses in coordination with the University Press Books committee of the ALA. The “Best of the Best” program, now in its fourth year, offers librarians the opportunity to share advice and recommendations with their colleagues, and recognizes the valuable contribution that university press books can make to both public and secondary school libraries. By providing a public forum to discuss both these books and the bibliography, the program has increased awareness and use of University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries in collection planning. The 35 “Best of the Best” titles were chosen from the more than 500 books featured in the 2002 bibliography. A committee of librarians from the American Association of School Libraries and the Small and Medium Library Committee of the Public Library Association rate each book in the bibliography for its value to certain library collections: general audience, special interest, regional interest, and others. Approximately 14,000 copies of the annual bibliography are distributed free to public and secondary school libraries. The books to be presented on June 15 cover subjects ranging from Southern poetry and African American painters to world population, da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and the Holocaust. The selected books are published by 21 not-for-profit scholarly presses. Copies have been contributed by the publishers, and the 35 books will be raffled off after the presentation to librarians in attendance. A complete list of the 35 selected books follows the body of this release. The presenting librarians hail from around the country: Susan Adland, Georgetown Day High School, Washington, DC; Jane Chesney, John Cooper School in The Woodlands, TX; Susan Cooley, Sara Hightower Regional Library in Rome, GA; Dolores Gwaltney, Thurston High School in Ypsilanti, MI; Gay Ann Loesch; Independence High Media Specialist, Charlotte, NC; Rex Miller, Petoskey, MI, Public Library; Ken Stewart, Blue Valley High School in Stillwell, KS; and Marcia Warner, Pubic Libraries of Saginaw, MI. All presenters sat on the committee of 18 librarians who reviewed books for the bibliography. The Association of American University Presses is a national organization of 121 nonprofit scholarly publishers. AAUP’s mission is to serve its member presses through cooperative programs, professional development opportunities, and by promoting the valuable work that these presses do. Further information on the programs, resources, and members of AAUP is available at . Books selected for the 2002 “Best of the Best of the University Presses: Books You Should Know About” Yoram Allon, Del Cullen, and Hannah Patterson, editors, The Wallflower Critical Guide to Contemporary North American Directors , Columbia University Press/Wallflower Press. Hilton Als, Edna Chiang, and Deborah Chasman, editors, Drawing Us In: How We Experience Visual Art , Beacon Press. American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment , University of California Press. Pinin Brambilla Barcilon and Pietro C. Marani, Leonardo, The Last Supper , University of Chicago Press. Jacqueline Barnitz, Twentieth-Century Art of Latin America , University of Texas Press. Robert Bartlett, editor, Medieval Panorama , Getty Publications. Patrick Ching, Sea Turtles of Hawai�i , University of Hawai�i Press. David Crystal, Language and the Internet , Cambridge University Press. David Farber and Beth Bailey, The Columbia Guide to America in the 1960s , Columbia University Press. Memphis Tennessee Garrison, Editors Ancella R. Bickley and Lynda Ann Ewen, Memphis Tennessee Garrison: The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman , Ohio University Press. Tim Hollis, Hi There, Boys and Girls!: America’s Local Children’s TV Programs , University Press of Mississippi. Blair Kamin, Why Architecture Matters , University of Chicago Press. Lynda Koolish, African American Writers: Portraits and Visions , University Press of Mississippi. Walter Laqueur, editor, The Holocaust Encyclopedia , Yale University Press Kenneth R. Lang, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Sun , Cambridge University Press. Ray MacKintosh, editor, Nucleus: A Trip into the Heart of Matter , The Johns Hopkins University Press. Ruthanne Lum McCunn, The Moon Pearl , Beacon Press. Jerry Menikoff, Law and Bioethics: An Introduction , Georgetown University Press. Gus Mills, Photography by Martin Harvey, African Predators , Smithsonian Institution Press. Gary Monroe, The Highwaymen: Florida’s African-American Landscape Painters , University Press of Florida. Peter T. Nesbett and Michelle DuBois, editors, Over the Line: The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence , University of Washington Press. Jeff Perrotti and Kim Westheimer, When the Drama Club is Not Enough: Lessons from the Safe Schools Program for Gay and Lesbian Students , Beacon Press. Paula W. Peterson, Penitent with Roses: A HIV+ Mother Reflects , University Press of New England. Aishah Rahman, Chewed Water , University Press of New England. Ian Ridpath, Stars and Planets , Princeton University Press. David Rigsbee and Steven Ford Brown, editors, Invited Guest: An anthology of Twentieth-Century Southern Poetry , University Press of Virginia. Barbara Katz Rothman, The Book of Life: A Personal and Ethical Guide to Race, Normality, and the Implications of the Human Genome Project , Beacon Press. Neil Schmitz, White Robe’s Dilemma: Tribal History in American Literature , University of Massachusetts Press Mark D. Spalding, Corrina Ravilious, and Edmund P. Green, World Atlas of Coral Reefs , University of California Press. Charles M. Tatum, Chicano Popular Culture: Que Hable el Pueblo , University of Arizona Press. John H. Taylor, Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt , University of Chicago Press. Leonard Thompson, A History of South Africa , Third Edition, Yale University Press. Susan Walker and Peter Higgs, Cleopatra of Egypt , Princeton University Press. Michael Wood, Conquistadors , University of California Press. Howard Zinn, Dana Frank, and Robin D.G. Kelly, Three Strikes: Miners, Musicians, Salesgirls, and the Fighting Spirit of Labor�s Last Century , Beacon Press.

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