Librarian Quick Takes

I found a bunch of librarian stories this morning. * Wendy Axhelm was “fired(Court next stop for fired librarian)”: by the “Travis Unified School District(Travis Unified School District)”: because her busband, Harry, is a board member. * Marie Bryan says she was “forced out(I was forced to retire)”: of her position as Director of the “Woodland Public Library(Woodland Public Library)”: * Jeanell Morris believes her “community(Hood County, texas)”: is polarized and is therefore “seeking(Retired librarian files for council)”: a position on the City Council. * Phyllis Hege recently “retired(Retirement won’t slow long-time Oxford librarian)”: from the “Oxford Public Library(Oxford Public Library)”: after a 30 year career. * Douglas Losey has been “hired(New librarian in Roxana to meet public Saturday)”: as Director of the “Roxana Public Library(Roxana Public Library)”: * Cecelia Solomon is “returning(Librarian gets back to books)”: to the “Powell Middle School(Powell Middle School)”: Media Center after a forced stint as a Social Studies Teacher by “new( Newcomer named principal at Powell Middle School)”: Principal Michael Ransaw. * The unnamed Media Specialist at “Arthur C. Butler Elementary School(Arthur C. Butler Elementary school)”: is on paid leave while an alleged incident of taping closed the mouths of students is “investigated(School Librarian Suspended For Taping Students’ Mouths)”: * Retired Librarian Attracta Harron has been “missing(Missing Librarian: Police Search Suspect’s Home)”: for over three months and police are searching the home of their chief suspect. Actually there were more, but I thought I had done enough.