Deism and Patrick Henry

A couple of weeks ago in the library at church, I happened across a chapter in the book discussing the reaction of leading Baptist philosophers to Deism. They had, as you might imagine, some rather strong opinions. I haven’t done a lot of research since then but it is interesting the things you come across or in at least one case, have sent to you.
bq.Thomas Paine is sometimes grouped with the Founding Fathers…It would be difficult to name a single one of the Founding Fathers who approved of Paine’s Age of Reason, his famous tract attacking religion in general and evangelical Christianity in particular. Even less-than-evangelicals like Benjamin Franklin and the “Unitarians” all denounced Paine’s book. – Were the “Founding Fathers?(Were the Founding Fathers Deists, Freethinkers, and Infidels?)”:
bq.Listen to the words of Patrick Henry. He testified to his Christian faith. He knew even then that many said he was a deist, and he clearly denounced deism. Read for yourself. – “Larry Rice(Patrick Henry)”:
bq.For the past few years a friend of mine in the Midwest has been engaged in a war of words in the columns of a local newspaper. Every so often someone writes a letter to the editor claiming that the United States is a Christian nation and that, as the formula goes, “freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.” In response, my friend writes a letter pointing out that the Founding Fathers tended to be deists, not Christians. They saw God as, essentially, a watchmaker. He created the universe, wound it up and then stood back to let it run. If Franklin, Washington, Jefferson and Paine had a religion, it was a faith in reason, not in the Bible. – “Scott McLemee(Pleading the First)”:,0,2943544.story Simple disputes have two sides. This one has a lot more than that.