Linux invented Linus

Next time you need an example of how the Internet is not always an authoritative source, you can point this to how the “Alexis de Tocqueville Institution(Alexis de Tocqueville Institution)”: claims that Linus Torvald “didn’t invent(Torvalds claim to invent Linux probably false, says new study)”: Linux. What is next, a claim that “BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution)”: was developed at some place other than Berkeley? Or that Microsoft invented “DOS(Inventors of the Modern Computer)”: Kip pointed out some good links below and I thought I would add this “primary source(Some Notes on the Who wrote Linux Kerfuffle, Release 1.3)”: I will be curious to see if the book actually comes out. — I was curious what Richard Stallman would “have to say(Stallman vs Ken Brown)”: about all of this. It was pretty much what I thought.