Google AutoLink

Google recently released an arguably more benign version of “Microsoft Smart Tags(Microsoft Smart tags)”: recently called “Google AutoLink(Google Toolbar Help)”: For various opinions, check out “Rogers Cadenhead(Google Wants to Play Tag)”:, “Anil Dash(Free the User Agents!)”:, “Richard Eriksson(Zeldman, a man I respect, is wrong about Google Toolbar)”:, “Dave Winer(Google’s toolbar and content modification)”: and “Richard Zeldman(Protect your site from Google’s new toolbar)”: The point that can’t be ignored, though, is that Google offers no way to decline to participate as “Microsoft did(Smart Tag Block)”: Fortunately, others have leaped in to fill the need with an “AutoLink Killer(Code for Killing Google AutoLink)”: That is good, but I think the metatag method is far preferable.