ConnectionFactory not bound

When I first got to my hotel room, I did the usual things and then got my laptop out to checkout how the “hotel Internet access(Connecting on the road? Rest easy.)”: worked. I plugged it in and couldn’t get online. After a couple moments of trouble-shooting, I isolated the problem. Somehow the IP address was set to static. I switched it to Dynamic, did a release and renew, and I was on the Internet. Not just at the sign-up screen, mind you, but actually on the Internet. I even downloaded the “latest installment(GNC-2005-03-15 #47)”: of one of my favorite podcasts. Alas, when I returned later, I couldn’t get it to wor k again. There is wireless available in the conference area, but as this was six floors away and I was tired enough not to want to do much last night, so I just went on to bed. Today at lunch time, I decided it would be easier to do a few things here in the hotel, so I sprang for the room access for tonight. It took two tries with the credit card, but eventually I got on and all was good. Then I headed off for the afternoon. When I returned, I found I was offline. I reached for my Treo and called the Tech Support number. I then spent 28 minutes on the phone with Steve while he attempted to solve the problem. Eventually, we discovered the error message above. It turned out something had to be done here at the hotel, or at least that is what he said. I left again, came back and went immediately online. Tomorrow, though, I am trying the wireless downstairs. — As it turns out, there actually isn’t any wireless downstairs. But that is another story. Last night, the connected shut down around 11:50 PM. Today I got an e-mail that contained the following: Your session has ended. Your final charges are as follows: Start Time: 16-03-2005 10:50:03 MST End Time: 17-03-2005 11:49:54 MST Since I didn’t sign up on the 16th, I am now hopelessly confused. But I cautiously decided to give it one more try.