This Old OS

bq.The research firm IDC estimates that of the roughly 514 million paid-for copies of Windows on desktops and laptops worldwide at the end of 2004, almost 21 percent were the aging Win 95, 98 and Millennium Edition releases. Among the 19 million Mac OS desktop and laptop installations IDC surveyed, just about half were running releases predating Mac OS X. – “Rob Pegoraro(Creaky Operating Systems Show Their Age)”: I spent about twenty minutes today trying to get one of our catalog stations to go online. It was running Windows 95 which brought back all sorts of wonderful memories. In this case, as in those cited above, the hardware this station is running on (this bios date was 1996) precludes it from running anything higher. But for what it needs to do, it does quite well. And the problem turned out to be a DHCP Server reservation conflict. So that station will continue on just as it has.