Brewster Kahle

bq.Search-engine wiz and dot-com multimillionaire Brewster Kahle founded the archive here in 1996 with a dream as big as the bridge: He wanted to back up the Internet. There were only 50 million or so URLs back then, so the idea only seemed half-crazy. As the Web ballooned to more than 10 billion pages, the archive’s main server farm-hidden across town in a data center beneath the city’s other big bridge-grew to hold a half-million gigabytes of compressed and indexed pages. – “Paul Boutin(The Archivist)”: Of course, if you read the entire article, you will find that webpages is only a small portion of what the “Internet Archive(Internet Archive)”: is all about. For further listening, download a copy of his speech, “Universal Access to All Knowledge(Universal Access to All Knowledge)”: It touches on many issues that will impact libraries over the next decade or so.