Audible, NPR, Amazon and Apple

Remember the promise of Audible and NPR?
bq.Vince Outlaw is thinking outside the box, wondering how to get Audible and NPR to work together to let him time- and place-shift NPR’s content. It’s an interesting idea, one that I hope the Audible team considers (although I know the barrier is more on the NPR side). I love the idea of NPR content waiting on my Archos Jukebox for me to listen to during my morning commute. – “Jenny Levine(NPR Content Via RSS Enclosures and Audible)”: Witness the reality.
bq.National Public Radio’s daily and weekly shows are no longer available from the Internet’s largest distributor of audio programming, “All Things Considered,” “Morning Edition” and other NPR offerings have been removed from the company’s radio and TV programs page. For several years, Audible has sold subscriptions to NPR shows for download to PCs or portable players. Neither Audible nor NPR responded to several inquiries for comment. – “Marketwatch(Radio silence for NPR and Audible)”: It seems the “Amazon-Audible(Audible Sounds Off on a New Rival)”: partnership is over as well. I am not sure what is happening, but it seems like it could turn into something interesting. My best guess is that it is the effect of “podcasting(KCRW asks some important questions. The answers could be profound.)”: or Apple.