Extending the Patriot Act

bq.The House appears likely to make main parts of the act permanent, but in what form remains unclear. The Rules Committee met into the night on Wednesday to consider dozens of amendments offered by Democrats to impose more limits on the government’s surveillance powers in terrorism investigations. Ultimately, the committee decided to include 20 of 47 offered amendments in the bill that the House will consider. Nine of the amendments were offered by Republicans and six by Democrats; the remaining five were bipartisan. The committee refused to include an amendment to prevent the Justice Department from obtaining library and bookstore records, as well as several other amendments to force reconsideration of certain Patriot Act provisions in 4 years instead of 10, as is proposed in the final bill sent to the House. – “Eric Lichtblau and Scott Shane(House to Take Up Patriot Act Extension)”:http://tinyurl.com/9rfoh Personally, the library records portion of the Patriot Act has never interested me much because there is still no proof that it has ever been used and it is unlikely that anything would be obtained anyway. But making the Act permanent I have been against from the very beginning. Hopefully, someday the War on Terror will end and things will return to normal. Requiring periodic renewal rather than hoping for repeal is much more appealing to me.