IE7 Standards

I was eager to try out the beta version of Internet Explorer 7 that has been “floating around(ie7 beta1 torrent)”: the Internet. Now I am not.
bq.I’m very happy that we’ve shipped IE 7 beta 1. I wanted to make it clear that we know Beta 1 makes little progress for web developers in improving our standards support, particularly in our CSS implementation. I feel badly about this, but we have been focused on how to get the most done overall for IE7, so due to our lead time for locking down beta releases and ramping up our team, we could not get a whole lot done in the platform in beta 1. However, I know this will be better in Beta 2 – and I want to share how we are placing our priorities in IE. – “Chris Wilson(Standards and CSS in IE)”: I find it fascinating that “how to get the most done overall” does not include offering more than “token improvements(IE7 CSS Updates)”: for web standards which hav seemed pretty much static since “1997(IE 4.0 hits 1 million users in less than a day)”:
bq.Having been through this ‘work with Microsoft’ thing once before in the late ’90s, I can assure you this sort of openness is a radical departure from the Microsoft of old and as good a reason as any for optimism that this is just the beginning, and we can expect even more and better in IE 7.5 and beyond. – “Chris Caminski(IE7 Beta 1 and Standards)”: So full support may come with IE7.5. Possibly.