No Longing for Longhorn

bq.Should you buy Longhorn? Consumers buying new PCs probably won’t have much choice. Windows XP will likely stick around longer for corporate customers, but it’ll eventually be phased out. – “John Clyman(Microsoft Unleashes Longhorn)”:,1895,1836619,00.asp I am not so sure about that.
bq.Windows 2000 remains the dominant desktop operating system in corporate IT, but it could be overtaken by the end of the year as larger organizations update their PC inventory, according to a new report by AssetMetrix Research Labs. AssetMetrix released a report Tuesday showing that Windows 2000 installations have declined by only four percentage points to 48 percent of existing installations in the first quarter of 2005, down from 52 percent in the fourth quarter of 2003. – “John Pallatto(XP May Catch Up to Win 2000 by Year’s End)”:,1895,1828240,00.asp We still run Windows 2000 on most of the hardware around here because of the generous licensing we were offered years ago by the Gates Foundation and the fact that a lot of the stations neither require nor would run XP well. I would bet most corporations still feel the same way. I think our focus will be more on having our stations “run Windows 2000 reliably(Recycle that old computer with Win 2000)”: than on the features in Longhorn that we simply don’t need.