Blocking Firefox Popups

Firefox is great at blocking regular popups. So much so that insidious developers have gone to great lengths such as hiding them in Flash code to get them to appear.
bq.A number of pundits and bloggers have been wondering aloud whether or not we’ll be able to keep up with the pop-up spammers now that more of them are focused on us. Well, we shipped 1.0 with the capability to block these pop-ups and pop-unders but we didn’t enable it because we were concerned about breaking legitimate uses. If you’d like to turn it on, it’s a fairly simple change — and would be absolutely trivial for us to enable once we determine whether or not lots of websites are depending on the feature. – “Asa Dotzler(blocking those flash pop-unders with firefox)”: I really think this is something worth putting into Firefox by default.