Google Talk

I had an interesting time playing with the “Google Talk(Google Talk)”: client this morning as I was lucky enough to find “Greg Schwartz(Open Stacks)”: online and we had a nice chat. It seems very bare-bones but functional. If anyone wants a Gmail invite to try it out (assuming there is anyone out there left without an account), let me know. The “joint search capability(Google Talk Review)”: aka “group browsing(Google’s Roar: Sidebar and Google Talk In One Week)”: could be very interesting for libraries in a “Jybe(IM @ Your Library)”: sort-of-way. In other Google News, I added the new Desktop Search as well (which interesting enough “integrate(Google Talk’s Open Platform and Sidebar Integration)”: nicely). This has been a big week for Google even if some people are “calling them names(Relax, Bill Gates; It’s Google’s Turn as the Villain)”: