IE-Only Copyright

bq.The U.S. Copyright Office is soliciting opinions, through August 22d, about it’s planned website upgrade that will require the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer, effectively banning most technically-advanced users and all Linux and open-source advocates from its service. – “Dave Murphy(U.S. Copyright Office Fumbles, Bit by Bit)”: I was stunned for a moment when I read that.
bq.Section 104 of the ART Act directs that preregistration procedures must be in place by October 24, 2005. 17 U.S.C. 408(f)(1). To comply with this time frame and to facilitate efficient processing of preregistration claims, inter alia, the proposed rule calls for filing such claims by electronic means only. At this point in the process of developing the Copyright Office’s system for online preregistration, it is not entirely clear whether the system will be compatible with web browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.1 and higher. Filers of preregistration applications will be able to employ these Internet Explorer browsers successfully. Support for Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0.3, and Mozilla 1.7.7 is planned but will not be available when preregistration goes into effect. Present users of these browsers may experience problems when filing claims. – “Copyright Office(Preregistration of Certain Unpublished Copyright Claims)”: I think “planned” in this case is pretty much equivalent to Microsoft’s “plan(IE7 Standards)”: to fully support CSS. If you care about this issue, be sure and take advantage of the public comment period.