Kutztown 13

Anyone who has ever had to manage any number of public computers knows what an ordeal it can be. It is also something of a running battle betweens administrators and users.
bq.The trouble began last fall after the district issued some 600 Apple iBook laptops to every student at the high school about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The computers were loaded with a filtering program that limited Internet access. They also had software that let administrators see what students were viewing on their screens. But those barriers proved easily surmountable: The administrative password that allowed students to reconfigure computers and obtain unrestricted Internet access was easy to obtain. A shortened version of the school’s street address, the password was taped to the backs of the computers. – “Michael Rubinkam(Laptop hijinks, or cyber crime?)”:http://www.boston.com/business/personaltech/articles/2005/08/10/laptop_hijinks_or_cyber_crime/ I don’t know the story behind how the program got started, but I can’t quite understand how they can keep their job after what went on. They pretty much issued an engraved invitation to the students. But … Taking responsibility for your own actions is a part of life. Apparently, these students were given fair warning that their behavior had consequences and they chose to ignore them. I don’t have sympathy whatsoever for their plight.