Multimedia Catalog

bq.I have a hunch that the aggregation of reviews/summaries/screenshots/renting beats the pants off anyone’s OPAC. Now, I’m not saying that we need to have robotic materials dispensing machines (which probably could be easily achieved with conveyor belts and RFID), but I am saying that it would be great to have, for instance, Novelists’ content out where people didn’t have a search to use it? Can anyone show me a prime example of an OPAC doing something like this? – “Aaron Schmidt(Red Room DVD)”: I don’t know if this is a prime example, but Polaris does offer “something( The world is flat : a brief history of the twenty-first century)”:*&query=&page=0 of what Aaron is looking for. This example doesn’t make use of Novelist, but it can. My library had a Novelist subscription for awhile, but we decided as nice as it was, it was just too expensive for our needs. And I still think while “book covers are great(Displaying Book Covers)”:, patrons are expecting more of an Amazon-like experience.