Reinstated in Valparaiso

Sue Martin, who was recently “suspended(Florida Librarian Suspended over Porn Incident)”: from her job at the Valparaiso Community Library, has been “reinstated(Valparaiso reinstates library director after porn ruckus)”:
bq.I am extremely pleased to share that the Valparaiso City Commission voted 4-1 last night to dismiss all charges against library director Sue Martin and have reinstated her as library director effective immediately. The commissioner who brought the charges against Sue will no longer be responsible for the library or serve on my governing board. A new city commissioner who has long been a strong library supporter will be responsible for the library. Computers will be placed back in the library this week. In Valparaiso, the commissioners are responsible for overseeing city departments. This means that the library director’s supervisor is an elected official. About 150 people attended the meeting last night with others being turned away. The elected official who brought the charges again Sue refused to be sworn in or to testify. The meeting was a quasi judicial hearing. – Robert Gorin, Director of the Okaloosa County Library Cooperative. It would have been better had this incident not happened at all, but at least it seems to have had a happy ending.