Business Practices

Norway, Microsoft and DRM

Cory Doctorow is not happy with the decision by Norwegian Public Television to distribute their content via DRM.
bq.Instead, by choosing Microsoft, they’ve put the Norwegian owners of the broadcaster — i.e. the taxpayers — in the position of having to pay again for Windows to play back the video that they already paid for once, with their taxes. What’s more, a Microsoft monopoly over the video they release means that Norwegian tech companies can’t made products that play back Norwegian video without permission from an American company — an American company that can withhold permission or charge whatever it wants for the privilege of playing back Norway’s storehouse of video. – “Cory Doctorow(Norway’s public broadcaster sells out taxpayers to Microsoft)”: Unlike his complaints over “libraries and playsforsure(”:, I completely agree with him this time. It makes no sense for a public institution to lock up their own content in this way. Who could possibly benefit from it? Nevertheless this prompted a reponse from someone at Microsoft.
bq.Cory Doctorow hates Microsoft. Hates us. Thinks what we do is evil. In particular he hates DRM and as far as I can tell, anything proprietary. A while back he made a funny and very unoptimistic presentation at Microsoft to ‘softies about DRM. I say unoptimisic because he believes that DRM is not only evil but that it has no ability to protect the rights of content owners. He states as facts his hopes about the future of DRM. IMHO he’s stuck in a stupid mode of say anything / ends justify the means / will to power. His tribe is on a Quixotic quest to bring us down. Bring it on. – “Cort(Cory, wrong again)”:!1p1MgskJM906Us-MkR14rZ0Q!349.entry Hate seems like a rather a strong word in this case. I would think it more accurate to say that Cory rather strongly dislikes some of their business practices rather than company itself. Remember when this was said?
bq.American film studios didn’t want the Japanese electronics companies to get a piece of the movie pie, so they fought the VCR. Today, everyone who makes movies agrees that they don’t want to let you guys get between them and their customers. Sony didn’t get permission. Neither should you. Go build the record player that can play everyone’s records. Because if you don’t do it, someone else will. – “Cory Doctorow(Microsoft Research DRM talk)”: And remember who it was said to.

By Michael K Pate

Michael K. Pate tends to spend a great deal time of time around computers. He has been a Librarian since 1997.

Michael was born in Avon Park, Florida in 1966. Except for a couple of brief periods in his life (once in Tampa and once in Winter Haven/Haines City), he has been a life-long resident.

Originally, he planned on a career as a Computer Programmer and therefore graduate from Webber College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems in 1988. However, unhappy with career opportunities at the time, he soon returned to school and received a BS in Social Science Education from the University of South Florida.

He began his career in education at Avon Elementary and later Avon Park Middle working as a Computer Lab Coordinator. While technological challenges were interesting, he found himself more and more interested in becoming a Media Specialist. He began work on his MLS in 1995.

However, a summer internship at the Sebring Public Library in 1996 soon made him reconsider just what his career should be. Upon graduation in 1997, he secured a position as a Media Specialist at Eastside Elementary in Haines City. Eventually, the position he was looking for opened up and he returned to SPL as Reference Librarian in 1999.

In 2003, he became Assistant Director of the Highlands County Library System, serving in that role until the position was eliminated during a late round of budget cuts in 2010. Since then, he has been the Computer Support Specialist for the Heartland Library Cooperative. In 2011, he began serving on the Board of Directors of the Tampa Bay Library Consortium.