Polaris gets RSS

I was just surfing on the corporate extranet for our ILS, and look what I found:
bq.RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a method of publishing links to content on your Web site. In Polaris PowerPAC 3.2, patrons can set up RSS feeds for new titles from Polaris PowerPAC directly to a Web site such as My Yahoo! or Bloglines. When the feed is received, the patron can click the link on the Web site to see a list of new titles in your library catalog. Polaris PowerPAC is RSS 2.0 compliant. Processing for the RSS feed is related to Polaris PowerPAC’s New Titles dashboard feature. Automatic processing for the New Titles Web part occurs nightly, and the dashboard links contain new titles for the past 31 days. On-order items are included. For the RSS feed, Polaris background processing updates the current New Titles list hourly. – “Polaris Library Systems(Polaris Library Systems)”:http://www.polarislibrarysystems.com/ It isn’t quite as cool as some of the “things(Sirsi Breaks Open the RSS Flood Gates!)”:http://www.theshiftedlibrarian.com/archives/2005/01/19/sirsi_breaks_open_the_rss_flood_gates.html that I have seen the other vendors doing, but the fact that they are recognizing the importance of “Web Feeds” shows things have come a “very long way(Why I envy Mr. Safe)”:http://www.libraryplanet.com/2003/06/29/safe in a very short time. We are scheduled to upgrade in January, so I will write more about it when I can show it off.