The Birthdate of Teri Garr

I just spent a few minutes cataloguing Teri Garr’s new autobiography, “SpeedBumps”: What caught my attention was the 100 field where it read “Garr, Teri, 1952-.” I kind of thought that was unlikely, since I thought she was somewhat older than 15 in “Assignment: Earth(Assignment: Earth)”: A quick bit of checking found that “IMDB(Teri Garr – 1949)”: and “Wikipedia(Teri Garr – 1944)”: give different dates as well. Apparently, her birthdate has been a “subject of debate(Teri Garr – 1944)”: for some time. It would someone in the Authority Department at the LC needs to do some fact-checking. — I just noticed, on the dust jacket, it reads, “at seventeen, she was swiveling her hips alongside Elvis and Ann-Margaret in Viva Las Vegas.” So does that mean the correct date is 1947?