The Googlization of Libraries

There are lots of library issues I concern myself with every day. I just spent a few minutes this morning walking through the newly branch closest to my home. As a long-time member of the community (since I was born there some years ago), I am truly excited about this development. This wraps up the last expansion that was begun six years ago. And there are already preliminary discussions of where the first true expansion library will be going. One thing I don’t worry about is the “Internet Godzilla Myth(20060215: The Googlization of Libraries: Debunking the Internet Godzilla Myth)”: I have little doubt that, by 2151, we will all be accessing our podcasts and text and everything else on voice-activated touch-sensitive “Personal Access Display Devices(PADD)”: And I also think that it is likely that “Apple(Apple still at work on true video iPod?)”: or “Sony(Sony Reader details and pics)”: will have such a device out long well before that. But that is going to be an evolutionary, not a revolutionary process. Print and libraries are going to be working together for a very long time. And Google is going to do anything about library expansion except help us “find articles(library expansion – Google News)”:,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&q=library%20expansion&sa=N&tab=wn.