The State of TiVo

One thing about being a TiVo owner: You are never quite sure if things are getting better or getting worse.
bq.Overall the lunch was very enjoyable and I found Stephen to be remarkedly candid. It is important to note that our lunch was a casual one between bloggers and although Stephen was very candid with us that his opinions are his own. He was not meeting with us in any official TiVo capacity and his opinions should not necessarily be seen as anything other than his own. Still, his efforts to meet us for lunch (on his time off on paternity leave) are serious indicators that TiVo very much does in fact want to be a part of the online conversation. Stephen spoke enthusiastically about his employer and with the passion that is the mark of a strong blogger. It was very evident to me that there is not much more in life that he loves than talking about how great a company that he works for. – “Thomas Hawk(Lunching With TiVo’s E. Stephen Mack)”:
bq.I think that TiVo has not done enough to keep my interest in their technology. I think that they can still do something about improving the situation, but then they have to be committed to really supporting third-party developers. They need to do much more than throwing their SDK over the wall and hoping that something will come of it. So what does this mean for the Galleon media server which is based on HME? As the lone developer of the project, its been interesting and fun playing with the technology sofar. However, the hope was that the technology would go somewhere and that TiVo would communicate with third-party developers about their roadmap. Although Galleon is developed as an open source project, it would have been nice if it opened up some commercial opportunities. So, I’m sad to announce that I’ve decided to reduce my development efforts on the project. I might still release some bug fixes, but these won’t be as frequent as the releases in the past. – “Leon Nicholls(The state of HME)”:,com_jd-wp/Itemid,62/p,8/ This is definitely one of those days.