Fire on a Friday

We are having an interesting afternoon right now. The town is overloaded with people for that single big occurence in our area, the “12 Hours of Sebring(Sebring International Raceway)”: One key aspect of that is that this is the one weekend a year that there is not a hotel room to be found (and those that were are much more expensive than usual). A short while ago, a “major brush fire(300 Homes Evacuated Because of Fla. Fire)”: broke out. I uploaded “some pictures(Sebring Fire)”: I just took from the library parking lot. I haven’t seen that much smoke since the last time I watched a shuttle launch. At least one Red Cross shelter has already been activated (and longtime readers will remember, most of our shelter workers are “volunteers” from the library staff). It may turn out to a big deal or it may not. Only time will tell.