Root of all Evil

Back when I first bought this domain, I picked it because it was absolutely the most arrogant sounding dot-comish name I could think of at the time. I even had some vague fantasies of making a little bit of money off the site but I decided very early on, I just wasn’t that interested. I had a job that I loved (and I still do), so anything I ever did with this was going to be strictly on the side. I have run advertsing now and then and plan to do so again someday, but I assure you it has yet to come close to covering the amount I have paid for hosting the site. I was struck by that tonight reading the interplay between “Rogers Cadenhead(Letter from Dave Winer’s Attorney)”: and “Dave Winer(Unfortunately, there’s another)”: Unlike someone like “Todd Cochrane(Why does Sam Ruby have his nose in the RSS 2.0 Specification?)”:, I have never made any money off RSS. Personally, I think that has been an advantage in following the “various(Protocols and Implementations)”: “syndication(Why Standards Matter)”: “controversies(Mr. Safe and Atom)”: Honestly, I have never thought that IBM has any plans to profit, either. At least thus far no one has many any accusations against “Jenny Levine(Making RSS Easier)”: The most unfortunate thing about the whole Atom split was that while I think it was ultimately a good thing because we ended up with a much more useful standard, it probably wouldn’t have happened at all if Dave had been able to work with the people who wanted to work with him. And I wonder how much we have all lost because of that. I have to admit that tonight I am definitely in agreement with “Shelley Powers(Past Time to Retire)”: