A Truly Virtual Library

Since my first take on Second Life, there have been a lot of things happening in the space. One of the most interesting for me personally is the launch of the “Second Library Library 2.0(Second Life Library 2.0)”:http://secondlifelibrary.blogspot.com/. There was an “earlier project(Turning the Pages at the SL Public Library)”:http://www.dragonscoveherald.com/blog/index.php?p=629 (hence the 2.0). I haven’t found out exactly what happened. But I think our focus is going to be more focused on providing virtual reference rather than as a material repository (although we will certainly be doing some of that as well). One interesting aspect of SL is that there is a clear demarcation between what is known as “The Teen Grid” and the areas where adults interact and, from what I understand, there are good reasons behind this. It does, however, pose a challenge for this type of service. Currently, the “Virtual Teen Library(Virtual Teen Library: Second Life)”:http://virtualteenlibrary.blogspot.com/ is looking into how to deal with this. Perhaps someday we will be able to have a Teen Room inside the main library, but I don’t think the technology supports that sort of thing yet. If you would like to learn more, “stop by(Second Life Library)”:http://tinyurl.com/s79nf for the “Book Discussion( Programs at Second Life Library 2.0)”:http://secondlifelibrary.blogspot.com/2006/04/organizational-meeting-tuesday-april.html tomorrow night (which is also an organizational meeting). It should be an exciting time.