The Immigration Debate

My “little home town(avon park, fl)”:,GGGL:2006-14,GGGL:en&q=avon+park%2C+fl (where I still live) does not often receive national attention. And I can’t ever remember it making the International stage.
bq.A city council in central Florida has rejected a by-law that would have been among the strictest local legislation in the US against illegal immigrants. Members of the Avon Park council voted 3-2 against the by-law, or ordinance, after a heated five-hour debate. – “BBC(US city votes down immigrant bill)”: Personally, I was not very persuaded by most of the arguments against the ordinance (not that there were not valid arguments, but I didn’t hear any of the speakers I saw making them). Ultimately, though, the city would have spent a fortune on court costs if the vote had gone the other way. And now the debate returns to the federal level, which is where it should be. And Avon Park can slip back into obscurity once more.