Content Café and ISBN-13

I was just looking at something in our catalog and noticed that whenever “a book(Pegasus descending : a Dave Robicheaux novel)”:*&page=0 is referenced by the new ISBN standard, a book cover is not displayed. I went and did some checking and found a partial answer.
bq.Content Café is just a source of data and relies on the requesting system to format a request for data correctly. We are in the process of completing the testing of Content Café 2. Content Café 2 has been enhanced to determine whether an ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or a UPC has been passed in the request for data and returns the appropriate information. Content Café 2 also provides additional data elements like author biographies and publisher summaries. – “Helpful Information from Baker & Taylor(ISBN-13)”: It sounds like they are aware of the problem, but an actual date of implementation would be kind of useful. You may want to check into this if you are noticing similar issues.