Movable Type Pricing

Remember this?
bq.And yesterday I learned, as most of you have probably also learned, that Movable Type 3.0 comes with a new licensing plan. 1 author and 3 sites is free. Up to 3 authors and 5 sites: $100. Up to 6 authors and 8 sites: $150. Up to 9 authors and 10 sites: $190. I have 11 Movable Type sites. To upgrade to Movable Type 3.0 would cost me $700. But wait! If I act now, I can take advantage of the special introductory price of $600. Also, all the voluntary donations I’ve made over the years also count towards my purchase. That was $20, and later $45. That brings the price down to $535. $535 for comment moderation. And what about Movable Type 4? How much will that cost? – “Mark Pilgrim(Freedom 0)”: Things have changed.
bq.Movable Type 3.3 is free for your personal blog. For as many authors as you want, as many blogs as you want, you can just go get it. As always, you can have affiliate links or AdSense or a tip jar on your personal blog. And there’s dozens of new capabilities in Movable Type 3.3 that make it well worth the upgrade, including support for tags, widgets, huge improvements to the templating language, and activity feeds that let you manage all of your blog’s activity right from a single feed. – “Anil Dash(Movable Type is Free for Personal Bloggers)”: If you follow the link in Anil’s post, you will find this is the second announcement as the first came on July 13th. The thing is, at this point, I am not sure “how many care(Another CMS)”: Once you destroy a community on the Internet, it seems just about impossible to put one back together.