Why Blog?

Is blogging about prestige?
bq.As the blogophere has become more rigidly hierarchical, not by design but as a natural consequence of hyperlinking patterns, filtering algorithms, aggregation engines, and subscription and syndication technologies, not to mention human nature, it has turned into a grand system of patronage operated – with the best of intentions, mind you – by a tiny, self-perpetuating elite. A blog-peasant, one of the Great Unread, comes to the wall of the castle to offer a tribute to a royal, and the royal drops a couple of coins of attention into the peasant’s little purse. The peasant is happy, and the royal’s hold over his position in the castle is a little bit stronger. – “Nick Carr(The Great Unread)”:http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2006/08/the_great_unrea.php Or is it about having something to say?
bq.If you find that you are blogging just to get influence and attention, you should stop because you are going to be dissapointed. No one wants to hear about your woeful stories of bitterness, despair and rejection (except Nick of course). If you are writing because you are absolutely passionate about whatever you are writing about, and you can’t stop yourself from writing, keep doing it. You’ll be happy, even if no one is reading. – “Michael Arrington(Is Nick Carr the new Robin Hood)”:http://www.crunchnotes.com/?p=258 When I write something, I do it because I have something to say. And I usually have to want to say it very badly, because I usually have something else I should be doing instead. I hope it will be interesting for the people who subscribe to the feed or that someone who finds it later doing a search, but since I am not about to do any market research on my audience, it would be a little hard to tell. And worrying about who links to you is just silly; I have gotten a few links from very important bloggers in the past and I can assure you, it didn’t change my life very much. So “whatever your reason(Steal this Idea: Learning 2.0 at PLCMC)”:http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2006/08/steal-this-idea-learning-20-at-plcmc.html is to start “blogging(List of Participants)”:http://plcmcl2-people.blogspot.com/2006/08/list-of-participants.html, just make sure you are doing it for yourself.