Audio Downloads and Social Book Reviews

One of my favorite weblogs to keep up with technology issues is Download Squad. I thought it was going to be about software but it covers all sorts of things. What it doesn’t usually do, though, is cover library issues. Tonight is a little different.
bq.In Warren, Ohio the public library is allowing their patrons to download digital copies of audio-books in an unabridged format so listeners can get the full “text” of the book they want to listen to. Listeners must have a valid library card to download the books, that patrons can listen to for 21 days. At that time the books erase themselves. – “Ryan Carter(Library allows digital audio-book downloads)”: It sounds really cool until you find out that is NetLibrary. From personal experience, I know libraries have been doing this for a year and a half. The next story is a lot more exciting.
bq.”BookRevyoo(BookRevyoo)”: is a social book review community where books can be added and reviewed by members, and also rated. Books that users enter into the system are tagged with keywords relevant to the book, allowing easy categorization, and browsing. – “Chris Gilmer(BookRevyoo: Social book reviews)”: So far it seems they are largely technical books but I wonder who will do the first “mashup(Latest Mashup Contest News)”: