I have reached the point in life where I am spend more time divesting myself of material possessions rather than adding new ones. In the past few years, I have donated more than a few books either here to our library or to our local friends. In some cases, when it got to be too much, I donated them to the friends group for one of our local libraries just so I didn’t have to watch them go. I know some people have used “BookCrossing(BookCrossing – The World’s Biggest Free Book Club)”: but it never really interested me. A new alternative is “BookMooch(BookMooch: a community for exchanging used books)”: To learn more, you can listen to “Inside the Net 33(BookMooch)”: If you don’t have a robust “Friends(Friends of Libraries U.S.A.)”: group in your area, it is definitely something to consider. But do read this “counter-argument(BookMooch and your public library)”: first.