Delinquency of Minors

bq.My concern does not lie with the content of the novels, rather my concern is with the illustrations and their availability to children and the community… Does this community want our public library to continue to use tax dollars to purchase pornography? … We may as well purchase the porn shop down at the junction and move it to Eastwood. Some day this library will be drawing the same clientele. I sincerely hope the board will listen to the community. Let’s not contribute to the delinquency of minors. – “Louise Mills(Library considers removing Blankets, Fun Home)”: Apparently, the devotees of “Fredric Wertham(Fredric Wertham)”: are alive and well. — I was looking at their card catalog and I noticed what their “hottest title(Chobits)”:^TITLE^TITLES^Title+Processing^&match_on=EXACT&library=ALL is. That says to me that the local teens have discovered their library, which would seem to most of us, to be a very good thing.