Googling Google

I don’t always keep up with Library Journal like I should, but our Director was pointing out something that caused me to notice “Google is Not the Net(Google is Not the Net)”: a few hours ago. Apparently, even Google would agree with that title.
bq.A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device that identifies a particular company’s products or services. Google is a trademark identifying Google Inc. and our search technology and services. While we’re pleased that so many people think of us when they think of searching the web, let’s face it, we do have a brand to protect, so we’d like to make clear that you should please only use “Google” when you’re actually referring to Google Inc. and our services. – “Michael Krantz(Do you Google?)”: “Steve Rubel(You Can’t Google on Yahoo, But You Can from Yahoo)”: and “Eric Rice(Google for Legos on Yahoo)”: point out how silly this whole thing is. And, of course, this isn’t even a new story as Google has been “complaining(Google Me This, Batman!)”: to “no avail(Twelve Things about Google)”: about this for years. Do try in the future to remember that Google is neither the Internet nor a verb but is instead a trademark. You never know when that sort of information may come in handy.