Just two years ago, many people heard a word for the first time.
bq.At the core is an activity they call podcasting, a really simple idea with powerful implications. – “Dave Winer(I’ve been lurking on the ipodder-dev list)”: And a revolution was born. But after Apple sent recently sent “a cease & decist letter(Apple Hits Podcast Ready with Nastygram)”:, there is some consideration about changing the name.
bq.I propose the word “netcast.” It’s a little clearer that these are broadcasts over the Internet. It’s catchy and even kind of a pun. – “Leo Laporte(A Cast By Any Other Name…)”: Not everyone was thrilled by the idea.
bq.I don’t agree with Leo Laporte on his thought process on this though, we are too far down the road to change horses now and his suggested new name is ridiculous. – “Todd Cochrane(Jason Calacanis says either fight or submit to Apple on Podcasting)”: And some are wondering if it just too late.
bq.I’m not entirely sure this campaign from the Podcaster of the Year will mean much to the folks out there who don’t listen to podcasts, but changing the term could help the average Internet user to better understand what the term podcast (ah, I mean netcast) means. – “Amber MacArthur(Can we change the Word of the Year?)”: I usually start off every explanation of podcasting by explaing how it is a confusing name and an iPod is not required. It may be too late to change, but I am not sure that things worked out for the best.