TiVoToGo and CableLabs

Many people have been wondering what exactly happened to TiVoToGo in the new Series3 models.
bq.In the “Plug and Play” proceedings, the FCC required all cable companies to make available CableCARDs, which enable anyone to offer an alternative to set-top boxes. The CableCARD is slotted into a compatible device like a TV or a DVR, and then that device acts as a set-top box. Inter-industry agreements force anyone who wants to create a CableCARD-compatible device to get licensed through a private organization jointly run by cable companies called CableLabs. Unfortunately, Hollywood intruded into the FCC’s proceedings in order to ensure that CableCARD-compatible devices incorporated DRM. With the FCC’s blessings, CableLabs’ license can require DRM. And that’s how TiVoToGo for Series 3 HD met its maker. As TiVo’s website suggests,18 CableLabs has yet to permit TiVo to implement TiVoToGo in the CableCARD-compatible Series 3 HD. – “Electronic Frontier Foundation(Who Killed TiVoToGo?)”:http://www.eff.org/IP/pnp/cablewp.php Unchecked big business can be bad for everyone. Unchecked government can be bad for everyone. But the absolute worst thing is when big business and government work together. The thing is, I haven’t even used TiVoToGo very often. It is slow and clunky and a hassle to work with the files once you got them transferred. But it was nice to have the possibility of doing something with them. I guess this means that TiVo owners will just have to stick with downloading copies of their favorite shows from BitTorrent sites. And wondering exactly what benefit they get from paying the cable company each month?