Giddy over Gates

Last year, I “asked(Shared Computer Toolkit)”: what the introduction of the “Shared Computer Toolkit(Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP)”: meant for the Public Access Computer Security Tool. I found out this week that it has definitely become a “replacement(An Overview of the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit)”: At my library, we have been using our original Gates stations as our public Internet Access stations for a while now. Hazarding a guess, I would put the date at November 12, 1999. We actually have a few more as we have been able to acquire hand-me-downs from some our other branches as they did some upgrading. So our original 6 is now 12 (and we have one other station in to make 13). This week we are getting ready to deploy the replacements (once again provided by the Gates Foundation). Fortunately, the funding that provided for 6 last time allowed us to buy 13 this time. Our crack IT staff has been figuring out how to get the SCT to work in conjunction with “PAMS(Public Access Management System)”:; it turned out to be doable, but took customization. And because we took the time to preserve the original image of one of our old Gates stations, we are going to be redeploying those into the children’s areas with the original profiles and software intact. So this is a pretty big week all around. I am not definitely not going to predict what things will be like in 2014.