Are you looking for a better way to get your site indexed?
bq.In an encouraging act of collaboration, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft announced tonight that they will all begin using the same Sitemaps protocol to index sites around the web. Now based at “ are Sitemaps)”:, the system instructs web masters on how to install an XML file on their servers that all three engines can use to track updates to pages. This should make it easier to get your pages indexed in a simple and standardized way. People who use Google Sitemaps don’t need to change anything, those maps will now be indexed by Yahoo and Microsoft. – “Marshall Kirkpatrick(Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Agree to Standard Sitemaps Protocol)”: I wrote about some automated methods of “generating sitemaps(Google SiteMaps)”: last year. Once you get it created, be sure and submit to the proper place at “Google(Google Webmaster Tools)”, “Yahoo!(Yahoo, Google and Microsoft join forces behind Sitemaps)”: and “Microsoft(Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! Unite to Support Sitemaps)”: And watch the traffic role in. Oh, and if you are looking for webdesign advice, I got a free issue of “Website Magazine(Website Magazine)”: in the mail yesterday. I just had to flip through it this morning, but it looked to be very informative. And the price is certainly affordable.