The Perfect Thing

I have been a big fan of Steven Levy’s ever since my brother gave my a copy of the paperback copy of “Hackers(Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution)”: a couple of decades ago. I was eager to read his new book about the iPod. But I didn’t expect it to be quite so innovative.
bq.Borrowing one of the definite qualities of the iPod itself, The Perfect Thing shuffles the book format. Each chapter of this book was written to stand on its own, a deeply researched, wittily observed take on a different aspect of he iPod. The sequence of the chapters in the book has been shuffled in different copies, with only the opening and concluding sections excepted. “Shuffle” is a hall the of the digital age–and The Perfect Thing, via sharp, insightful reporting, is the perfect guide to the deceptively diminutive gadget embodying our era. – “The Perfect Thing(The Perfect Thing)”: I just hope it doesn’t end up requiring every library to have a custom MARC record.