Gaming Vista Reviews

Microsoft had a problem. They wanted people in the blogosphere to review their new operating system, Vista, and presumably say nice things about it. The problem lay in that fact they most people either do not have a PC capable of running Vista in Ultimate mode, or aren’t willing to sacrifice their personal computer at the moment to do an upgrade. Eventually, they figured out a solution: offer free laptops to their specially chosen set of reviewers. But wait… it gets better.
bq.This would be a review machine, so I’d love to hear your opinion on the machine and OS. Full disclosure, while I hope you will blog about your experience with the pc, you don’t have to. Also, you are welcome to send the machine back to us after you are done playing with it, or you can give it away to your community, or you can hold onto it for as long as you’d like. Just let me know what you plan to do with it when the time comes. And if you run into any problems let me know. A few of the drivers aren’t quite final, but are very close. – “Unknown Microsoft Employee(The Microsoft ‘Scandal’)”: So… take the laptop and blog about it or not. Then decide if you want to keep it for yourself or not. Apparently, though, the one thing you shouldn’t do is annoy them.
bq.I strongly recommend you disclose that we sent you this machine for review, and I hope you give your honest opinions. Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding of our intentions I’m going to ask that you either give the pc away or send it back when you no longer need it for product reviews. “Unknown Microsoft Employee(Now Microsoft Wants Its Laptop Back’)”: I had been trying to decide how I was going to deal with Vista. My first choice would be to buy 5 copies (1 for my home computer, 1 each for my parents, 1 for my homebrew pvr, and 1 to run inside parallels on my macbook). But since I haven’t figured out if I need home basic or enterprise or ultimate or whatever yet, I have no idea how much I am going to spend or if I should just wait. Or forget the whole thing. And now I have to look at every review with that much more scrutiny. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but right now, I am definitely leaning toward putting Vista off indefinitely. After a year of Sony gaffes and mistakes, it would have been hard to predict that Microsoft was capable of surpassing them with four days left in the year. But I guess we should never understimate their ability to do stupid things. Note: At work, I am still happily operating on a workstation running Windows 2000. I am planning to upgrade soon just so I can test web designs in IE7. Since Microsoft is “playing games(Microsoft leaving Windows 2000 users out in the cold)”: in that regard as well.