Really Big Storage

Are you depressed that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are just a high enough capacity storage medium?
bq.Imagine taking the entire collection of historical documents at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and storing it on a single DVD. University of Central Florida Chemistry Professor Kevin D. Belfield and his team have cracked a puzzle that stumped scientists for more than a dozen years. They have developed a new technology that will allow users to record and store massive amounts of data — the museum’s entire collection or as many as 500 movies, for example — onto a single disc or, perhaps, a small cube. Belfield’s Two-Photon 3-D Optical Data Storage system makes this possible. – “Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala(UCF Researcher’s 3-D Digital Storage System Could Hold a Library on One Disc)”: Expected capacity is One Terabyte or greater. These should work great when it comes to filling up “your new iPod(Unlimited iPod)”: in a few years.