Control of Your Space

When you create your presence on the web, how much control are you willing to give up?
bq.When you host your stuff on a Web site that’s free and that you don’t control some nasty crap can happen. Yesterday MySpace started blocking Photobucket stuff. My blog is hosted on and I have the same issues the MySpace folks are seeing (the free service where my blog is hosted right now, which is different from the software that you host on your own servers). The thing is when a company is hosting your stuff for free they need to see some way to make money off of the service. This isn’t going to be free with no ads forever and ever. And, it certainly would piss me off if I worked on if someone came along and made money from my user’s photos and videos. – “Robert Scoble(MySpace’ers learn harsh reality)”: Of course, I have always considered Robert something of a special case before he always has made use of hosted services. He has “never really had(PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW BLOG)”: full control of his web presence. Personally, I like having full control over my domains. That being said, I have enjoyed playing with “Twitter(Twitter / michaelkpate)”: of late. And after having sort of stumbled on the concept of a “lifestream(Streaming my life away)”:, I have “created(Tagged with Lifestream :: Michael K. Pate)”: them at “Ziki”:, “iStalkr”: (through “Steven(iStalkr – Social Feed Agregator)”:, “Tumblr”: (through “Alex(, Powered by Tumblr)”:, and the “phenomenon(Goodbye Twitter. Hello Jaiku.)”: of last weekend, “Jaiku”: It will be interesting to see where this goes.