Fee-Free Tax Filing

Did your taxes yet? If you did, how did you file them?
bq.Increasing numbers of technology-savvy filers prepare their tax forms using Intuit’s TurboTax or H&R Block’s TaxCut software. But when it comes to filing their returns, many of them revert to paper. The IRS’ National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson is among them. “Tax filers say they like using the software, [but] they either don’t want to pay the fee, or they just don’t know where their information is going,” Olson said. The IRS would experience an immediate spike in e-filing if it offered a free, direct-file online site, she said. – “Mary Mosquera(Taxpayer advocate backs IRS e-file portal concept)”:http://www.fcw.com/article98109-04-02-07-Print You can consider me one of those people who uses a computer program to generate some paper. I e-filed two years ago but couldn’t locate the right hoops to jump through to do it again last year. When the IRS handles it properly, I will be glad to e-file again. Until then, they can deal with my nicely-formatted documents.