Machine tags

I hadn’t heard of “Machine tags(Machine tags)”: before, but it is an interesting concept in this era of folksonomies.
bq.The ability for anyone to create a namespace opens up an interesting future as we begin to see patterns and conventions emerge: amazon:asin=B000AA4I1M anyone? Which brings me to the point of this post. This time last year I was tagging photos and posts which discussed books in the following manner isbn=0713998393. In and of itself this works fine, but it is not a valid machine tag, which means we cannot make use of the afore-mentioned API goodness within Flickr (and where Flickr is leading so others will follow). We therefore need a triple-tag version of the ISBN tag, and here’s my suggestion: iso:isbn=0713998393. ISBN is a standard recognised by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) so I thought it made a certain sense for ISO to be the namespace. Other standardised entities could be tagged in a similar way, such as iso:issn=15340295. – “Richard Rutter(Machine tags and ISBNs)”: It sounds like something perhaps some Librarians should be involved in.