Pricing Microsoft

Does this sound cheap to you?
bq.Microsoft will be announcing plans later today to offer a bargain basement $3 version of Windows as well as Office 2007 exclusively to people in developing countries as part of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program. The program aims to double the amount of worldwide PC users by 2015 and thinks one of the keys to doing that is cheap software. – “Emily Price(Microsoft to offer $3 version of Windows)”: It does to me. But some people know how to make that even cheaper.
bq.Chasing after software pirates in the US is one thing, but China’s a whole other ballgame. Pirated copies of Windows Vista are widely available throughout the country, for as little as $1. – “Brad Linder(Microsoft sells just 244 copies of Vista in China)”: I am afraid that charging triple what the pirates are charging is not going to have much impact.