Have you heard about the latest Web 2.0 service?
bq.Online Book Rental Library. Stop buying books when you can borrow new releases and classics with free shipping! Netflix has popularized online DVD Rental. We`re doing it for books! BookSwim is the first online BOOK RENTAL LIBRARY CLUB lending you paperbacks and hardcovers direct to your house WITHOUT THE NEED TO PURCHASE! Whether it’s New Releases, Bestsellers, or Classics, we’ve got 150,000 titles to choose from, with FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS! Read your books as long as you want. — no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the titles you love! – “Bookswim(BookSwim Online Book Rental Library Club)”: Instead of pointing our the obvious, I will let someone else do it for me.
bq.BookSwim – paid membership required. Public library – no membership required. BookSwim – unlimited “rentals”. Public library – unlimited “rental” (return by due date – usually 30 days). – “Derek Punsalan(BookSwim, think Netflix for real books)”:
bq.Or you could, you know, go to your local library. They might not have 150,000 titles, but that’s what interlibrary loan is for. – “Brad Linder”: It isn’t impossible that it might work, though. After all, Netflix has worked successfully even when a lot of libraries circulation materials in DVD format these days. One disadvantage I see though: Netflix, as I understand it, actually licenses the content and produces their own versions of the discs to mail out. BookSwim will be forced to purchase a copy of the book they are sending out. I am not sure if the economies of scale are going to work out the same way. But it is an interesting experiment to watch.