Content to the People

Does it matter how people should happen to arrive at your webpage?
bq.Articles are emailed around, copied to blogs for commentary, grouped together with stories on the same subject from rival publications, and found by search engines and aggregator services. I have no idea how you’re reading this column. Maybe you found it on the Online Journal’s home page or the technology page. Maybe you saw it because it includes Google’s stock symbol, or it hit your newsreader via an RSS feed. Maybe you followed a link from a blog, Google News or Technorati. Maybe someone emailed it to you. Maybe you printed it out this morning and are reading it now. (However you found it, thank you!) – “Jason Fry(A Reality Check for Newspapers)”: It is nice to see that some people in old media understand what is going on. For the record, I found it via Bloglines on “Techmeme(A Reality Check for Newspapers)”: