Gravity Bookshelf

If you’re library is going to be doing something like “inventing a new shelving scheme(Dropping Dewey)”: in order to seem, like, really cool, why not do something, likely, really radical and re-engineer your very shelves?
bq.The Gravity Bookshelf is a piece of furniture with a design that you’ll love or hate, but either way you can’t deny its inherent practicality. By bending the plywood shelves so they appear to be coming out of the floor, designer Leo Kempf ensured that any books (or, say, DVDs) that you put on it won’t fall over, with no need for any bookends. Kempf also designed the shelf to be easy to assemble, sliding the plywood shelves into slots on the hardwood main beam. – “Peter Pachal(Gravity Bookshelf uses one of the four fundamental forces)”: I am sure your patrons will be bubbling over with… appreciation.