Safari for Windows

I certainly wasn’t expecting this.
bq.Apple doubled its presence on the Windows platform Monday when it released a Windows-compatible version of its Safari Web browser. Released as a public beta, the final version of Safari 3 will run on both Windows and Mac OS X 10.5. – “Philip Michaels(Apple brings Safari to Windows)”: I have always loved how Safari renders pages when I am on my MacBook. I just thought we would have to wait for “Swift(Swift: The First KHTML Browser for Windows)”: to mature. But how is this going to effect Microsoft’s plans for Internet Explorer?
bq.Although Microsoft may continue to provide security and performance updates, no major new releases are planned, Microsoft Product Manager Jessica Sommer told CNET Sommer said that, with the emergence of Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft felt that customers were better served by using Apple’s browser, noting that Microsoft does not have the access to the Macintosh operating system that it would need to compete. – “Ian Fried(Microsoft: No new versions of IE for Mac)”: Well, actually, that was IE for the Mac. But still…