Awaiting the New Generation

I think there are some librarians that are a little too eager to abandon everything we have been doing for the last 130 years. But I also think we do need to be finding ways to move forward before we get left behind. There are still too far too many libraries that barely qualify as “1.0.”
bq.My bet is that a new generation of information specialists, probably just being born, will discover a Wild West world waiting for them, brimming with data and opinion over which they can impose some order and judgment. And the more traditional (by then) library mind-set will have a new lease on life with a new face and more modern trimmings. We won’t have lost anything in the meantime. The application openness and non-industry-specific standards and acceptance of user-provided data will stay with us, having changed the library landscape in significant and lasting ways.- “Candy Zemon(Web Applications and the ILS)”: I do hope, though, that I don’t have to wait until after I retire to see some of the things that should already be happening.